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Our property lawyers will offer you comprehensive advise, prepare litigation documents and represent you in court if necessary to address your case quickly and effectively. We are here to help you buy a house or an apartment and arrange the entire conveyance transaction and find solutions to any issue which might arise in the process.

The range of our services includes i.a.:

  • drafting tenancy and lease agreements as well as loan agreements
  • help in conveyancing procedure,
  • drafting agency agreements and other civil law agreements,
  • conducting cases of violation of personality rights,
  • litigation concerning compensation,
  • co-ownership termination agreements,
  • advice in eviction procedures,
  • property registration matters (Land and Mortgage Register),
  • conducting acquisitive prescription cases,
  • interference of quiet enjoyment.

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We realize the sensitive nature of Family issues. In these cases the knowledge of law is equally important as the skill of handling certain psychological issues.

We will efficiently deal with i.a. the following legal issues:

  • divorce
  • division of marital property after a divorce
  • custody of a child after a divorce
  • alimony/child maintenance issues
  • applying for visitation rights
  • parental child abduction – including trans-border child abduciton (The Hague Convention)

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Inheritance and Succession

We provide comprehensive service for those who have inherited property and for those who want to draft their last will and testament.

Our practice includes:

  • cooperating with notaries for the purposes of drafting the last will and testament
  • helping with probate proceedings
  • assisting in getting a legitime
  • testament contestation issues
  • cases involving estate acceptance or disclaimer
  • law will and testament administration matters
  • disinheritance issues,
  • assisting in handling inheritance tax issues

We represent our Clients in court, at other public institutions and at notaries’. We draft all the necessary documents and provide advice.

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Criminal law

We offer legal assistance in cases concerning crimes and misdemeanours, as well as criminal tax evasion and avoidance. We provide services to the suspects as well as to those already charged with a crime, to those temporarily arrested as well as to the victims of a crime.

We assist at each stage of the proceedings:

  • detention and temporary arrest – we are always ready to respond to emergencies
  • preparatory proceedings – we assist our Clients in proceedings at the police station and we represent them before prosecutors
  • court proceedings – we represent our Clients at courts of the first, second instance and before the Supreme Court
  • matters to resolve following a judgement becoming valid

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Our services related to employment law issues cover the whole range of matters, starting from drafting employment contracts, advising on managers’ contracts and non-competition clauses. We assist our Clients in negotiations during conflict situations at work as well as in court.

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Foreigners living in Poland

We assist foreigners living in Poland in handling legal matters related with their stay.

We render services in the scope of:

  • Obtaining a residence permit
  • Obtaining work permits
  • Arranging administrative matters for non-EU citizens
  • Drafting applications for getting Polish citizenship
  • Drafting appeals against decisions of Polish authorities
  • Divorcing foreigners in Poland
  • Registration of companies in Poland, drafting contracts with foreign entities
  • Purchasing property, acquisition of shares in companies, including applying for relevant permits

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Assistance with bank disputes concerning loans in Swiss Francs

We represent individual clients in disputes with banks concerning loans granted in Swiss Francs. We litigate for invalidation of loan agreement, for elimination of indexation clauses from loan agreements and for reimbursement of amounts unduly taken by banks. We also represent clients who have been sued by banks.

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Bug River Land Property

We offer legal assistance in getting compensation for But River Land property, including drafting the necessary documentation and client representation in courts and before administrative authorities.