Alternative Dispute Resolution

Currently mediation is a more and more popular method of alternative dispute resolution. It is already a part of the Polish law. A mediator assists in establishing contact between the mediating parties and helps them work out a solution which satisfies both of them. A settlement concluded as a result of mediation is equally valid as a court judgement.

Advantages of mediation:

  • faster resolution of a dispute
  • low costs
  • voluntary character (there is always a possibility to withdraw)
  • bilateral benefits
  • safety (direct contact between the parties to mediation is not necessary)
  • availability (you can mediate until a judgement is passed)

Apart from regular counselling work, Jerzy Woliński conducts mediation proceedings before court as well as without the court’s supervision, for which he was trained by British as well as Polish mediators. He is a member of Mediation Centre at the Supreme Bar Association and of the International Mediation Centre. He has effected settlements in cases concerning divorces, employment matters, compensations, legitime and distribution of intestate estates